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  • $985.00 $995.00
    The Super Wheatgrass Juicer has the power, reliability, and performance expected in a top of the line Wheatgrass Juicer. Due to its very high yield it is the top value in commerical whatgrass juicing. This unit weighs in at 38 pounds making it a heavyweight in the industry.   Processes..
  • $459.00 $469.00
    The Drink Machine Advance Gives You The Added Benefit Of Program Ramping To Create Smooth Blends From fruit smoothies to thick shakes, the Drink Machine Advance is an essential tool for adding or expanding a blended beverage program. Smart Product Design • 6 optimized programs and automat..
  • $1,135.00 $1,145.00
    The New Twist & Lock Quiet One Makes Removing the Cover Quicker and Easier for Cleaning Updated optimized programs increase efficiency EXTRA POWER! 3 horsepower motor resists overheating. This extra power combines with the Advance Container and enhanced blade design to handle thicker ..